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Self Actualize Now Program

Self Actualize Now Blog

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  • Learn How You Can Create “Right Livelihood” & Self Actualization

  • Why You Don’t Need to Compromise Your Values or Your Sense of Self

  • How To Create Long Term Income Doing The Things You Love

What’s Inside? The First 9 Modules Pre – Launch Version

  1. Discover Your Marketable Talents & Your “Niche”

  2. Express Yourself On The Internet

  3. Gain Free Access to the Tools You Need

  4. Build Your Blog Easily – Step by Step

  5. Pimp Your Blog With Power Tools & Gizmo’s Galore!

  6. Monetize Your Blog Several Ways

  7. Optimize Your Blogging Power With Quality Content

  8. Overcome Your Personal Obstacles & Resistance

  9. Maintain Your Vision & Energy

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Free Pre-Launch PDF



Why I Created The Self Actualize Now Program


For Many years…

(I am now 54) I longed for a situation that would allow me to express my true values and create a living. This longing drove me to continuously seek “the right thing” or “the next great program” that would satisfy my need to self actualize. For at least 6 years I purchased all kinds of products and courses and marketing schemes. I built and dismantled several websites. Content sites, blogs, membership etc… I joined a host of MLM’s and Network marketing programs. I worked at promoting various “pyramid” type businesses. . .



These programs did not pan out for me. I just wasn’t cut out to be a “salesman”. I just couldn’t generate that kind of energy so consistently. I had to come more from my heart. I needed to feel I was genuinely “helping” people be who they really wanted to be. Not hyping them into promoting something that didn’t provide what they needed to really generate escape velocity.


The problem is…

People need more comprehensive help. They need guidance from start to finish, not just a bunch of “to do’s”. They need to figure out how to create a business that will sustain them and fulfill them and generate long term income. They need the benefit of teamwork and belonging to a successful group. They need to learn how to overcome their personal obstacles & inertia.


Eventually everyone learns…

Money is just not enough. It can’t motivate you forever. For a few people it is – for a while, but most of us seek more meaning, more heart in our lives. We seek to find fulfillment. I know I did and I suspect you are not so different from me. Fulfillment comes from exercising the deeper values in yourself and touching others in a meaningful way.


For 35 years…

I’ve also studied “Human Change Technology“. From deep spirituality and mysticism to modern scientific methods. I have worked as a spiritual counselor and a life coach. After seeing what was “out there on the web”, I despaired because no one was providing the “whole ball of wax”. All the programs were heavy on money, hype and more money. Totally out of balance. This leads most people down a path of confusion and wasted energy. . . They almost always fail.


Then I had a flash of insight…

My knowledge of Human Change Technology and Internet Skills merged into one integrated whole. I saw how I could “do what I love” and earn a living without stress, without hype while expressing and engaging in the very things I loved the most. Not only that, I could genuinely exercise my highest calling: To Help People Find Self Actualization. I could help people find their own true calling and meaning & show them how they could earn long term income with that at the same time.


So, in conclusion I’d like to say this. . .

Please don’t make the mistakes I made! Don’t keep trying on someone else’s shoes only to find they don’t fit. Find a way to self actualize. The program I am offering here will help you do just that. If this sounds good to you, consider joining me and our other team mates. Go to the next page to see more details. . . Self Actualize Now Basic Outline


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